Our mission is to promote high-value care and create a culture that minimizes unnecessary or potentially-harmful diagnostic tests and interventions.

Providers for Responsible Ordering (PRO) was originally founded in 2009 by a group of concerned internal medicine residents and faculty at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore, MD.

Its initial project was to promote guideline-based use of cardiac enzyme testing. After initial success with that project, the group analyzed the total charges of other tests, and has been using that information to identify other targets.

Since 2013, the group has been working to promote a change in the culture of ordering.  The pledge was developed by faculty and resident physicians at Bayview in February, 2014.  The goal of the pledge is to appeal to providers’ intrinsic motivation to promote patient safety and avoid waste.  The group changed its former name from Physicians to Providers for Responsible Ordering (PRO) so as to include mid-level providers, pharmacists, and other interested groups within the framework.

As of Fall 2014, the group is evolving into a chapter organization across the country.  We hope that this grassroots effort will allow like-minded providers to organize and share best-practice.


  1. Build a culture and community for thinking critically about our own orders
    • Design and host educational activities
    • Collect and distribute data that provides feedback on ordering practices, compared to evidence and guidelines
  2. Act as a powerful provider-led advocacy group
    • Be the symbol for a movement 
    • Act as a unified voice to advocate for change
    • Facilitate inter-campus collaboration around high-value care and promote best practice
  3. Be the hub for projects designed to affect our ordering practices
    • Have a collection point for ideas, and empower champions to work on them
    • Be the home base for small groups doing different projects, regular check-ins for progress
    • Have a method to collect data with a data analyst team (pending – stay tuned!)
    • Become the center for trialing interventions /QI projects – become “the laboratory for cost-conscious care”